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BC Fishing Guides, Charters, Adventure Tours, Day Trips
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

First Cast Adventures, are some of BC's most experienced fishing guides, charter and adventure tour guides, offering day trips and overnight adventures in BC's Fraser Valley, only an hour from Vancouver Canada.

First Cast Adventures is all about fishing, outdoor adventure tours, traveling and exploring British Columbia, Canada's, natural beauty. Having fun and providing our guests an exciting fishing, wilderness and outdoor adventure. Our insured & licensed BC fishing guides, travel these rivers in 24 foot aluminum jet boats. We love to see the thrill and excitement in our clients, with incredible fishing adventures, & adrenaline pumping river rides, combined with the magnificent scenery and wildlife we enjoy here in British Columbia, Canada.

Fishing trips and charters, vary with the season.
Fishing in BC Canada, is some of the best sport fishing in the world, our experienced fishing guides at First Cast Adventures, have been operating fishing trips, jet boat charters, and adventure tours, on British Columbia's, Fraser, Harrison, Lilloette, rivers for years and know just which spot is going to be most productive at any given time, offering you a greater chance of landing that trophy fish, you always wanted.


Our fishing guides, Bob and Ruth Kwak display a nice 35 pound Chinook Salmon, taken on BC's Fraser River, only 15 miles from Vancouver Canada.



Giant White Sturgeon

White Sturgeon ranging anywhere from 50 pounds to 700 Lbs and beyond, are fished on BC's, Fraser River between mid March and November.

White Sturgeon are catch and release only, but will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. These prehistoric fish are world renowned for their spectacular leaps, and reel smoking runs. World class angling like this, will definitely get you off the couch and start the adrenaline pumping.




Guide Ruth Balzer with a nice ChinookPacific Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing in BC gives our guides access to 5 species of Pacific Salmon.


Chinook Salmon Fishing

Starts in May and can be mixed with Sturgeon fishing, if you like. Chinook are typically open between May and September


Sockeye Salmon

Begin their huge runs into the Fraser Canyon and other watersheds in the interior of British Columbia, later in the summer. Chinook and Sturgeon are still available, but we prefer to go after these monster Sockeye runs, while they are hot. This kind of fishing is real fun and a different way of fishing, the whole family can enjoy.



Guide Bob Kwack With a Chinook SalmonPink Salmon, Coho Salmon and Chum Salmon

Replace the Chinook and Sockeye in early fall as they begin their runs up the Fraser River.


Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead fishing begins in the fall, when we have a run of big Steelhead moving through the Fraser river and tributaries. All these fish are wonderful sport fish and delightful on the table.


Were proud of the guide and charter services we offer, and would really enjoy having you with us on your next British Columbia fishing, or outdoor adventure.

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Call or email us, to book a British Columbia River Adventure.